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As the component that keeps your vehicle firmly planted on the road, the importance of your tires cannot be understated. To help you figure out how to care for your Genesis tires, here are five frequently asked questions concerning tire service and their answers.

How Often Should I Inspect My Tires? 

Ideally, you should keep close track of the state of your vehicle’s tires, including both the pressure and state of the rubber, but we realize that this is not always possible. If this is the case, inspecting your tires at least once a month will help ensure your tires are healthy. 

Which Tires Should I Use? 

There are many different types of tires, each with its own unique specialty on the road. Depending on your location and what you use your vehicle for, certain tires may prove more useful than others. Make sure to check out the ratings of each tire to see if they align with what you need out of your tires! 

How Do I Find The Recommended Tire Pressure? 

Depending on the weight of your vehicle, different tire pressures will be recommended by the manufacturer for optimal results. To find out what is recommended for your particular vehicle, make sure to check out your manual for the exact details.  

How Often Do I Need To Rotate My Tires? 

To save both your wallet and your vehicle from unnecessary hardship, it is recommended that your tires be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. This will help prevent premature wear on your tires, ensuring you get your money’s worth out of them! 

What Is Tire Alignment? 

A tire alignment adjusts the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels to ensure the suspension is distributing the weight of your vehicle equally amongst the four wheels. If you notice that certain tires are wearing down faster than others, it may be time to have your suspension checked out! 

Still have questions about tire service? Well don’t hesitate to reach out to the Genesis of Wilkes-Barre for answers! Our certified vehicle technicians are sure to have the answers you’ve been looking for. 

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