When Should You Change the Battery in Your Genesis G70?

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At Genesis of Wilkes-Barre, we’re here to make sure you’re always satisfied with your Genesis. While a lot of that satisfaction just comes from the pure excellence of Genesis cars in general, there’s maintenance that every luxury car needs to be kept current on to make sure it’s driving confidently. A battery that dies unexpectedly is never a welcomed thing, but with some knowledge and vigilance, it’s something that can be prevented.

One of the things to remember about a battery’s charge is that it can be affected by many different factors. The most common factor you cannot control is temperature. In general, cooler is better for a battery – batteries in colder climates tend to live longer than those in hot ones. Keep in mind, by the climate, we just mean general temperature, so if the place you store your Genesis is too warm, it can be bad for the battery. You can expect a battery in a hotter climate to last only about three years, while colder climates can make it over five years of life.

Something that you can control is how you drive your Genesis. If you’re in the habit of using a lot of battery-draining components, such as very cold/hot climate control settings, loud music, and rear infotainment systems at once, or if you frequently take short trips, the battery may have a hard time recharging back to full power to replace what you're using. This can lead you to eventually draining it, causing it to become "dead."

So, how do you prevent battery mishaps? Keeping yourself aware of your battery’s health is important, and an easy way to have it done is by coming in for routine maintenance in our Genesis service center. Our trained technicians always check your electrical components as part of their inspections, and they’ll replace your car’s battery if needed. See you soon!

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